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  • West Footscray Lifestyle
  • West Footscray Lifestyle
  • West Footscray Lifestyle
  • West Footscray Lifestyle
  • West Footscray Lifestyle

Local Village

Decades after the transformation of Melbourne's other inner suburbs, West Footscray remained undiscovered.

West Footscray's local village has blossomed into a hub of dining, shopping and overall convenience. Amongst West Footscray's relaxed ambiance is a collection of shops and facilities that add that down-toearth local feel including Kingsville Cellar, the quaint Rocco Deli and Footscray Hospital, which is set for a substantial upgrade.

Fresh Produce

The inner west has changed

But change hasn’t lessened the bonds that tie the community together, through schools, parks, libraries, festivals, food and, of course, sport.

Eternity is a sanctuary, in the centre of an urbanised environment. The internal and external worlds merge, gardens, decks, interiors and exteriors flow together. The land facing Stony Creek that surrounds Eternity has plans to be revegetated with native species that once proliferated in the area, creating a genuinely local landscape.

Running in the park
Exercising in the park

Surrounded by open space

The open space between the building and stony creek is to be revegetated with Indigenous species.

There are 28 hectares of public open space located within West Footscray, including the Hansen Reserve, which has football ovals, tennis courts, cricket pitches and a swim centre for outdoor and sporting activities.

An additional 9 local parks and reserves complement Hansen Reserve, adding to West Footscray's open areas and parkland.