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a longboat project

Longboat was founded by Theodore Kerlidis, an architect with over 20 years experience in sustainable property development. Theodore is also a director of the architecture firm k20 Architecture. We're different from other property companies because we combine architectural intent with the process of construction. We do so because we believe that architect-led projects deliver better outcomes. As our name implies, we see each project as a journey. We're in it together, the architects, the builders, the purchasers, the tenants and the communities in which our buildings and their occupants combine to become an important part of our social fabric.

Designed by

k20 Architecture

We build places of meaning; places where people connect and interact. Our aim, always, is to enhance the experience of our built environment and to create buildings that are pleasing, harmonious and sustainable. Much of our work has been in the public domain. But public or private, our design story is the same. We're always conscious that our buildings don't just touch the lives of the people who commission them, or use them, but also the community and the ecology of which they're a part. Thus, while we always focus on our clients' vision (it's their money after all), we never lose sight of the bigger picture.